City Playoff Brackets
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Congrats to the following teams that are, so far, going on to Regionals:
July 1st AA American 11:30, AA National 1pm Center, Tx
July 8th AAA American - Paris, Tx: Ozone - Taxarkana, Tx
Ranger 14U

Directions to all Tournaments coming up We are North Zone

There will be no score kept for the T-Ball league. Although a designated person from each team must still keep up with batting order and what batter is to correctly lead off in a following inning.

Head coaches please confirm that your schedules online are correct compared to the master schedules given out to you. Schedules posted online by division DO NOT supercede the master schedule. Please let me know of any errors for your team so I can change it online.

Scorekeepers- Each team is to have 1 person to keep score or work the scoreboard. Please be sure and fill out the game summary sheet prior to game time. The name of each pitcher and how many innings they pitch (keep a running talley) must be included on the game summary for Division AAA and up. Both scorers must remain in the designated scorers stand. The HOME team keeps the LBBA scoresheets. VISITORS keep the clock and scoreboard. Both coaches must sign off the game summary.
NEW FOR 2017 - The person assigned to keep the scoreboard/Clock will also be the official designated person to keep the pitchers pitch count for 9 thru 12. Every pitch thrown to a batter will count as 1 pitch even if the umpire calls it a no pitch. Pitches that are fouled off by the batter also count as a pitch.

Machine Pitch Coaches - The HOME team of the first game takes the pitching machine to the field. The Visiting team of the last game takes it back in.

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